Frequently Asked Questions

Will the addition of the TB void the factory warranty?
The addition of the TB will void the warranty on the stock TB itself, the warranty can only be affected if the modification causes the problem.

How hard it is to install the TB?
Easy to follow instructions are included with every kit. Installation time of the TB is approximately 30 minutes. If you have any questions while installing either kit, please feel free to contact me.

How does the core deposit work with the TB purchase?
I used to do a core exchange on most of the TB's I sell. With the introduction of the Electronic TB's that has now changed:

Electronic Drive by Wire TB's:
I do NOT do a core exchange on any of the Electronic DBW TB's.
I provide a brand new TB that I modify and sell outright.
I will modify a customer provided TB.

Cable Linkage TB's:
I do provide a core exchange for the cable linkage TB's. What this means is I will send you a modified TB first and you will send me the original back. This works out well as your vehicle has no downtime waiting for your TB to be modified and returned. I put a core deposit that varies in price depending on the TB you are ordering to insure that I get something back. If you send your core back I will refund the core deposit. Many customers want to keep their original TB and that is fine. I will keep the core deposit. I can provide a core for most of the TB's I sell. For those TB's that I do not do a core exchange on I can normally provide a brand new unit at cost or sometimes even a good used core.

How long will it take to get my Throttle body?
I build my TB's to order. I strive to deliver as quick as possible. As my business has grown to cover the many different engine and TB's out there it takes more effort to keep it all covered. Normal times are within a week. During busy seasons lead times will increase. Plan ahead so I can deliver to fit your schedule. If in a hurry just ask me where I am at. Special orders, Custom Builds and Limited Time Offers may take extra time to ship.