Fastman Throttle Bodies

  • Modified from Factory Castings
  • Custom machined Stainless Steel Shafts
  • Thinned Brass Throttle Blades
  • Taper Bored and feature a Large Radius to insure the smoothest air flow possible
  • Kits includes Install Instructions, Gasket if necessary, and all Install Hardware

All Fastman Throttle Bodies are Precision Machined using a combination CNC and Manual Machining operations. Depending on which Throttle Body is chosen the Casting is cleaned and the bores are either opened up to the new bigger size or bored out just enough to clean up the casting to insure clean air flow. The openings are optimized with a radius blending into a taper down to the straight bore to insure the smoothest airflow removing any built in restrictions common to most of the Dodge TB's. The shaft going through the bores is modified or completely replaced with a Custom Stainless Steel unit. The Blades are normally replaced with brand new Custom made thin Brass Blades with the correct factory angles. The end result is the Highest Quality Precision Machined Factory Throttle Body on the market today. It will match your motors air requirements and provide you the extra performance you are looking for in an aftermarket modified TB.

Throttle Body Kits include everything necessary for an easy smooth simple installation. It will include Installation Instructions, a New Gasket if needed, and all necessary Hardware.

The easiest and preferred payment method is to use Credit Card. Credit Card payment can be made by purchasing directly from my secure online ordering website or by calling me direct with your Credit Card info. I require an up to date billing address that matches your Credit Card. Your Card is not billed until I ship product. I also accept PayPal, or you can send me a Money Order or Cashiers Check Snail Mail.

For your convenience I provide a Core Exchange program on just about every TB except the new Electronic TB's. I send out a modifed TB to you first so your vehicle has no downtime. You install the new TB and to receive your core deposit simply mail your original TB back to me and I will return your deposit.

I require a core deposit that varies in price with which TB you are purchasing. Your core deposit is returned when your rebuildable core of the same part # as I sent you is received within the 30 day return time period. I will not refund for late or damaged cores.

If you wish to keep your original TB and not participate in the core exchange you can purchase my TB outright plus the core price.

If you wish to send me your original TB for modifications and not do the core exchange that is fine also. I will do my best to modify it and return it in a timely manner. This is usually done on a prearranged basis.

I can do a core exchange for just about every TB I offer except the new Electronic Drive by Wire TB's.

All TB's are built to order. I strive to deliver as prompt as possible. Shipping is normally within a week depending on my work load or vacation status. Any delays from this will be noted with your inquiry. I ship to North America only. I ship with the US Postal Service. USPS Priority Mail with Delivery Signature is my standard shipping method.