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Modified Throttle Body Specialist

My reworked factory TB's will bring out that hidden performance you are looking for. Most engines are restricted and the addition of one of my modified TB's will let your engine breathe. They are one of the simplest and most effective mods you can make to your vehicle. My modified TB's have set the standard in the industry in both quality and performance. When you go with a Fastman Modified Throttle Body you install a product that delivers.

I will be closed until mid Novemember taking my annual Fall season break. I will not be available for much of this time as I will be in some pretty remote areas without cell phone or internet coverage. I will answer emails and questions as soon as possible when back in cell and internet coverage. Orders are welcome but delivery will be very slow during this time as I will not be putting in much time in the shop. When I get back to fulltime in mid November I will deliver first come first serve. Thank You Dan

Select an Engine / Throttle Body

V6 3.7 Liter

V6 3.9 Liter

I6 4.0 Liter

V8 4.7 Liter

V8 5.2-5.9 Liter

V10 8.0 Liter


HEMI 5.7-6.1-6.4 SRT8-Hellcat

V8 DBW 4.7

V6 DBW 3.7-3.8

V6 DBW 3.5-4.0